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Lazer 5 Stock 49cc Edition Free Shipping

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     Why buy your SSR LAZER 5 Moped from HIGH STYLE MOTORING?

  • Economical to operate with fuel economy at over 100 MPG
  • Park anywhere on campus, at work, the mall or at the beach
  • Simple to operate fully automatic transmission
  • 4 stroke requires no messy mixing of oil and gas and does not billow smoke
  • Most States require no insurance on 49cc mopeds
  • No license needed to operate on the street in many States
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • 4 stroke 49cc pedal mopeds are quieter than the noisy two stroke versions
  • Small size and lightweight design makes them easy to store or transport
  • High Style Motoring has been at their same family operated location since 1987
  • 4 stroke mopeds are kind to the environment
  • Super low priced means of transportation
  • High Style is an authorized dealer that ships the Lazer5 Nationwide with an optional pre-installed and thoroughly tested 72cc performance package
  • And finally  Buy one now - BECAUSE THEY LOOK COOL !!!

Buy with confidence!

High Style Motoring is American family owned and operated and in the same location and under the same ownership since 1987.

We ride what we sell and are always available 6 days a week to address any questions you may have about our products.

Our service department is staffed by full time moped experts so do not hesitate to call and ask us how we may be of assistance!

Ride Safe!

SSR Lazer 5 49cc Pedal Moped


We here at High Style Motoring are excited because the newly redesigned SSR Lazer 5 Moped is here and ready for immediate delivery!

We are now able to ship our brand new 49cc pedal Mopeds in both the stock as well as the high performance 72cc versions.

Since 2009, these mopeds have been our one of our HOTTEST selling products. Many of you know that crazy gas prices have spiked the demand for these 4 stroke fuel efficient mopeds and the previous model years have sold out fast.

We have ordered significantly more units this time in order to get ready for this years riding season. With gas on the rise there is no better time to zip around town with this stylish machine that can get over 100+  M.P.G. and in many cases require no operators license or insurance.

Keep in mind that HIGH STYLE MOTORING is an authorized dealer that also has the LAZER 5 pedal mopeds in stock with the BIG BORE performance kit pre-installed and ready for immediate delivery anywhere in the country. This kit will give your pride and joy more power and performance since the piston is nearly 50% larger than stock LAZER 5. No one but you will know that you you are packing serious raw power instead of the regular moped until you fly right past them! Cheap mopeds in price but of the highest quality are the way to save big money and have fun riding all over your town or campus. Customers should check if their local City and State laws prohibit the 72cc version before purchasing.

100 MPG and IN STOCK NOW! 49cc Moped SALE - $1299 / 72cc Moped SALE -$1599

Free shipping offer expires at the end of this month

We just received more of the newly redesigned Lazer 5 49cc Mopeds from SSR and they are


Super affordable mopeds has been our motto since we opened our doors becoming a licensed dealer in 1987. Buy with confidence from the nationwide leader - HIGH STYLE MOTORING. SSR Lazer 5 mopeds are cheap in price but proven in quality and reliability and can save you hundreds of your hard earned dollars in fuel and insurance savings alone.

These babies are loaded with lots of extras including tons of chrome and custom graphics.

Being fuel efficient and saving gas is what these street legal 49cc mopeds and California legal 49cc Mopeds are all about and we have some of the lowest prices in the Country since they are all on sale - RIGHT NOW.

These are CA legal and are street legal mopeds in all 50 States. DOT, EPA and CARB approved.

Cruise the beach or your college campus or simply get to the market and back with one of these street legal mopeds while getting over 100+ MPG and finding easy parking anywhere you travel!

Additionally, these are true money saving machines because they are incredibly fuel efficient and require no insurance in most states.

Many states may not require any licensing or registration may be free. Speaking about FREE, free shipping on all Lazer 5 49cc and 72cc Lazer 5 mopeds is available until the end of this month. So buy your very own today!

Some residents in States such as South Carolina are experiencing the unfortunate circumstances of having a DUI or DWI ( driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated ) might want to check with their State Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV to see if they may legally operate a 49cc Moped while their license is either suspended or revoked since this is a legal and viable alternative means of transportation.

Because the rules of the road and State laws regarding the proper use and licensing of pedal mopeds are revised every now and then, it is a good idea to check the current requirements by visiting your States' DMV web page for the most up to date regulations.

WOW !!!

So start saving some serious cash and come down and pick yours up or call us between 10a.m. and 6p.m. P.S.T. and order yours today! (562) 945-8361. Our free shipping offer expires at the end of this month so take advantage of this special offer right now!

Free test rides are available to our local So Cal customers. We are a full service licensed and bonded new moped dealer which means we can also offer the popular BIG BORE high performance kit - Nationwide.


See  How HIGH STYLE MOTORING Has Become the Nationwide Leader in the SSR LAZER 5 Moped 72cc BIG BORE KIT in the Following Video:


NOTE:  For all of our out of state buyers, we can install the BIG BORE kit here at our  facility before we ship your Lazer 5 and still offer you free delivery!

HIGH STYLE MOTORING has been using this style of high quality 72cc BIG BORE products in our mopeds for several years now and they work flawlessly! We are the NATIONWIDE leader in the industry when it comes to installing this custom and highly reliable moped power plant at our facility. Family owned and operated in the same location since 1987 offering dependable and economical gas powered pedal Mopeds to our customers for years.

Our mechanical facility has even have fine tuned them a bit over the last few years and have made them a seamless upgrade to the SSR Lazer 5. You will experience a marked improvement in all areas of performance including:

 *  Enhanced Acceleration  *  Greater High End Torque  *  Climbing Grades  *  Top Speed  *

Keep in mind that while we are performing the upgrade and have the Mopeds partially uncrate we take advantage of that opportunity to perform the following additional services at no extra cost to our out of state moped buyers:

     1.  Check the Mopeds charging system (magneto) to determine it is producing the proper voltage   
     2.  Change the motor oil to a high quality S.A.E. grade moped oil

     3.  Check the headlight (low and high beam), taillight (including rear brake light), turn signals, ignition switch,horn, kill switch, starter switch, starter motor, rear wheel bearings, front and rear brakes, drive chain.

     4.  Inspect all body panels, body parts and fenders for any signs of physical damage.

     5.  And last, but not least, run the engine for several hours to facilitate the proper seating of the exhaust and intake valves on the new cylinder head and at the same time allow the new piston rings on your moped to break in properly.

We then fine tune the valve adjustments, repackage your custom built 72cc moped into it's original container and off she goes to right to your door! Often times even used mopeds do not meet the price we have on our cheapest mopeds for sale.

To my knowledge, we are the only licensed new motorcycle dealership in the U.S. that not only performs these performance services, but we keep several of these custom built units at the ready so they may be shipped straight to you without delay.

Price of the latest version of our SSR Lazer 5 Moped with the 72cc Big Bore kit preinstalled is for a limited time and this price includes free delivery.

49cc Mopeds and 72cc performance Mopeds with pedals have been our passion and our motto at High STYLE since the introduction of the Lazer 5 and we are confident that your inexpensive pedal Moped will provide you with a high quality and dependable means of transportation for years to come.

Cheap mopeds are your most affordable means of transportation these days. Keep in mind that our product comes factor equippedy with a  four stroke power plant which means that you do not have to fool around with mixing messy oil with your gas like the Tomos mopeds or the Motofino or Puch pedal mopeds. Just fill 'er up at the pump and you are on your way!

Special Note: HIGH STYLE MOTORING honors the original SSR Motorsports Manufacturer's warranty on all of our custom BIG BORE installations.

Keep in mind that all returned merchandise will be subject to a 30% restocking fee and all shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Product must be returned in "As New" condition. For details of our return policy and terms and conditions, please - CLICK HERE


Five Moped Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

Be Alert: You always have to  be alert and aware of yourself and your surroundings on your moped. It moves faster than a bicycle but provides less protection than a motorcycle. Here are some tips to keep you safe.

Safety Equipment: First and foremost is protection. Helmets that are DOT approved are best and proper clothing is paramount. Avoid sandals, shorts and short sleeves. Emphasize your protection with gloves, a riding jacket made from a tough material. Some riders even buy motocross armor (similar to what dirt bike racers wear) for their moped rides.

Traffic Laws: Obey all traffic laws. Don’t try to run a red light even if it is one of those actuated by the weight of a vehicle, be patient, if you have to, dismount and touch the sidewalk actuator, but whatever you do, don’t let impatience get the better of you in certain situations. Especially on high traffic roads, there is bound to be someone coming to hit the signal. Keep on the right side of the road on your pedal mopeds unless you are making a left turn, most laws require the moped rider to be within three feet of the right line, this is a good standard to follow.

Be Observant: Keep an eye on your surroundings. You are virtually invisible to the other drivers, especially those who are on their phones or in some other way distracted. A benefit to a moped rider is they can dip off onto the sidewalk if necessary to avoid a collision. Make sure you have both mirrors and they are angled so you can see the most possible area behind you. On mopeds, cars behind you are more dangerous than the ones next to you.

Safe Riding Practices: It is always good to employ safe riding practices when on your 49cc moped. Ride defensively. Don’t be too aggressive because you are after all smaller than the others sharing the road. You don’t want to try to go head to head against a truck or car. Night riding is not advisable but if necessary, wear bright colored clothing, reflective strips on your jacket and your helmet and keep your headlight in good working order.

In Case of an Accident: Always make sure you speak with the police officer on the scene, unless you are severely injured. Some hospitals will refuse treatment if you are found to be at fault, and it is possible that the person in the car with whom you had an accident will not be entirely truthful in referencing the events that occurred to avoid being sued or found at fault. Make sure the officer has your side of the accident on record.



By popular demand... ASSEMBLY VIDEOS!!!



This  video will definitely save you some time and effort when building your new SSR Lazer 5 Moped so you can fire her up, tackle the open road and  get the wind blowing thru your hair.......... RIGHT AWAY!

Inexpensive mopeds rule and save you some serious cash!


   Watch our HIGH PERFORMANCE kit smoke a GSXR !!!

Picture of one actual 72cc High Performance BIG BORE Upgrade Kit Courtesy of HIGH STYLE MOTORING

      High Performance  BIG BORE  72cc Upgrade Kit to give you some Extra Huevos!

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